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About Jim


“As a lifelong Valley resident and your voice in Congress, one basic principle guides me: The Valley comes first.

My family came here as immigrants in 1899 pursuing the American Dream. They found it. I am determined to keep that Dream alive for every hardworking Valley resident.

As a third generation family farmer, I know firsthand that water is the lifeblood of the Valley. Without our fair share we all suffer the economic consequences.

That’s why I am fighting every day to secure our water supply, create new jobs and strengthen local schools and colleges for our Valley families.

Putting the Valley first means working with anyone willing to help protect our jobs, our economy, and our way of life.

Together we have earned ample success; among those items are the following:

  • Led the effort to provide a level of short term drought relief by securing carryover water for federal contractors
  • Fighting for long-term water solutions like increasing storage and turning on the pumps
  • Passing a five-year Farm Bill that keeps Valley agriculture growing
  • Leading the charge for comprehensive immigration reform
  • Opening the Fresno Veterans Home
  • Together we’ve secured investments to rebuild our Valley’s roads, hire police officers to make our communities safe, and train doctors in the Valley to keep our families healthy.

I went to Congress for one reason: to fight for the people of our Valley. That’s what I’m doing.”

The grandson of Portuguese immigrants, Congressman Jim Costa is an active third-generation family farmer and lifelong San Joaquin Valley resident. Costa is a product of Fresno County schools; he graduated from San Joaquin Memorial High School. His Bachelor's Degree in Political Science is from California State University, Fresno.