California Central Valley Congressman Keeps Up Pressure For Real Immigration Solutions

Sierra Sun Times

June 17, 2018 - Washington, D.C. – As it looks increasingly likely that the House will consider some type of immigration bill in the coming weeks, Congressman Jim Costa (CA-16) continues to actively work for fair, commonsense, and effective immigration policy.

Last Wednesday, Rep. Costa joined DREAMers, other members of Congress, and advocates from United We Dream, Asian Americans Advancing Social Justice, and additional organizations from the Value Our Families coalition to call for strong opposition to immigration legislation that keeps families apart. At a press conference outside the Capitol, the group expressed distain for the current version of H.R. 4760, commonly referred to as the Goodlatte Bill. “In its current form, this bill has many problems, from how it treats agricultural workers to how it attacks family immigration,” said Costa. “But, I’m not just going to talk about what I am against. I am here today to stand with our DREAMers and families. They deserve better than a life of fear… That is why I support the DREAM Act.”

Congressman Costa again stood with immigrant families later Wednesday evening. He joined Rep. Lou Correa (CA-46) and other fellow members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives to call for an end to the Administration’s current policy of separating families at the southern U.S. border. “This is an outrageous policy. I think it’s morally disgusting and unamerican. We are not a nation – in terms of our shared values – that tears families apart… No one disputes that we need to secure our borders. We must ensure the safety of our nation… But ripping these families apart like this is not securing our borders.”

Congressman Costa has a long history of advocating for bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform. “For over a decade I have been calling for bipartisan and comprehensive reform to fix our broken immigration system,” said Rep. Costa. “Look at where we are today: We have over a million DREAMers living in fear. We are ripping families apart and detaining children. We are denying victims of horrendous violence refuge. In America, we are doing this. This is outrageous and Congress needs to do its job. For too long, our nation’s immigration policy has been the result of slapping together short-term, narrow-sighted, and often contradictory policies. We must come together – Democrats and Republicans – and find a bipartisan, long-term solution that makes our immigration system fair and functional.”

In just the past couple of months, Congressman Costa has led the CHC in writing to ICE about worksite enforcement, signed the discharge petition to force House consideration of four immigration bills, and cosponsored legislation to protect immigrant victims of domestic violence. He has been working to secure permanent legislative protections for DREAMers since the Trump Administration announced it would terminate the program in September of last year, including cosponsoring the Dream Act and continually calling for its immediate consideration on the House floor. Rep. Costa plans on going to the U.S.-Mexico border with his fellow members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus during their upcoming fact-finding trip.

Source: Congressman Jim Costa