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  • Heather Rodriguez
    commented 2020-06-10 12:35:55 -0700
    Dear Honorable Jim Costa,

    As a member of the California Association of Professional Scientists (CAPS), I urgently seek your support for federal funding to stabilize California’s budget during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    CAPS represents 4,400 State Scientists who perform essential work to protect public health, the environment, the agricultural food supply, and California’s natural resources. I work on [fill in the blank].

    Yet California – like every state and local government – confronts an enormous drain on its resources amidst an abrupt, unprecedented loss of revenue triggered by the worst public health crisis in 100 years and the worst economic downturn in 90 years.

    The COVID-19 Pandemic has increased costs to address the public health and economic crisis, while at the same time dramatically decreasing available tax revenue. As a result, California Governor Gavin Newsom has proposed slashing funds for vital programs and state services to close an anticipated $54 billion budget gap. The pressure on the budget will not yield, as California’s peak fire season is just a few weeks away.

    This historic moment presents an epic test of effective governance that our nation must not fail. There is very little time for Congress to act, however, because California and many other states are finalizing their budgets for the upcoming fiscal year.

    That’s why I am asking respected leaders like you in the U.S. Congress to support a $1 Trillion federal investment to protect critical services that state and local governments provide for our communities.

    We encourage you to put working families’ health, safety and financial security first by passing the HEROES Act or similar legislation (e.g., SMART Act).

    Thank you for your support of public workers. If you have questions or wish to discuss this matter further, please call CAPS at (916) 441-2629 or email [email protected]


    Heather Rodriguez
  • Melissa Hill
    commented 2020-06-09 15:24:40 -0700

    This is Melissa and I am a professional photographer.

    I was surprised, to put it nicely, when I came across my images at your web-site. If you use a copyrighted image without my approval, you must be aware that you could be sued by the owner.

    It’s illegal to use stolen images and it’s so mean!

    Check out this document with the links to my images you used at and my earlier publications to get evidence of my copyrights.

    Download it now and check this out for yourself:

    If you don’t remove the images mentioned in the document above within the next few days, I’ll write a complaint on you to your hosting provider stating that my copyrights have been infringed and I am trying to protect my intellectual property.

    And if it doesn’t work, you may be pretty damn sure I am going to report and sue you! And I will not bother myself to let you know of it in advance.
  • Nicole Cabrera
    commented 2020-06-09 15:06:15 -0700
    Hello, my name is Nicole Cabrera and I am a constituent Congressman Costa’s district.I am messaging Congressman Costa in hopes he will support the Legislature’s budget plan that protects services for people with Intellectual and developmental disabilities from the Governor’s $500 million cuts. Our services must remain a priority throughout the process because our services are essential. The direct support workforce who work with our clients are on the front lines of the COVID-19  providing necessary services. As the state starts to reopen, people with Intellectual and developmental disabilities will continue to rely on our services to keep them safe and healthy. Any cuts would  be devastating to our clients and will result in individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities loosing access to critical services.


    I would appreciate if  Congressmen Costa would get back to me on this important issue. If you would like to contact me please do so at 559-270-2117


    Thank you for your time.
  • Melissa Lewis
    commented 2020-06-04 09:57:49 -0700

    This is Melissa and I am a experienced photographer.

    I was surprised, to put it nicely, when I came across my images at your website. If you use a copyrighted image without my permission, you must be aware that you could be sued by the owner.

    It’s illicitly to use stolen images and it’s so filthy!

    Check out this document with the links to my images you used at and my earlier publications to get evidence of my copyrights.

    Download it now and check this out for yourself:

    If you don’t delete the images mentioned in the document above within the next several days, I’ll write a complaint on you to your hosting provider stating that my copyrights have been infringed and I am trying to protect my intellectual property.

    And if it doesn’t work, you may be pretty damn sure I am going to report and sue you! And I will not bother myself to let you know of it in advance.
  • Jarrod James
    commented 2020-05-15 18:31:31 -0700
    I would like to understand why the Governor is looking to reduce state employees pay by 10% while he is still handling tax dollars out to illegal immigrants and homeless. As a state employee myself working in a correctional facility it takes every bit of self motivation I have to continue going to work everyday. The prime reason I continue employment for the state is pay and pension. The job I and my fellow coworkers do is highly stressful and we receive no gratitude for doing it. I was raised in an impoverished city and grew up being taught how to use the government system for personal gain. I decided very young I was going to be a productive member of society rather than take advantage of a broken system. I work hard for my wage and it bothers me to know while I receive 10% less for my hard work, there are others benefiting from my sacrifice that do not deserve it. Please advocate for working Californians and look at ending entitlements to illegal immigrants and those who choose not to work. Thank you Jarrod James
  • Snoop Fourtruth
    commented 2020-05-08 17:12:29 -0700
    Deborah Tavares is a conspiracy promoter who lives in Sonoma County, California. She has thousands of videos posted on YouTube (under various names) and has millions of viewers and followers world wide.

    Tavares, a former California land developer, claims that all environmental regulation in the United States is the direct result of “Agenda 21”, a 1992 United Nations proposal to protect some of the Earth’s remaining environment and some of the Earth’s remaining biodiversity.

    But, Tavares claims that the real purpose of Agenda 21 (and therefore all environmental regulation) is to expand the wilderness into areas already occupied by humans, so as to incrementally drive us out of our rural and suburban homes and into increasingly-smaller, increasingly-concentrated, tightly-packed, over-populated “Kill Cities” in furtherance of the planned extinction of mankind. Thus, Tavares contends that environmental regulation will cause the extinction of mankind (exactly the opposite of what environmental regulation will actually do).

    Tavares’ motive in making this absurd claim is to cause Americans to oppose all environmental regulation in the mistaken belief that they are saving their rural and suburban homes (and their very lives) in the process.

    To support her claims, Tavares actually forges documents, alters and changes words and images on documents and intentionally mischaracterizes what the documents actually are and what they actually say.
    So, I thought that you should know.
    For more on Deborah Tavares, her claims and her documents, click here. Agenda 21 is Post #5.
    Best Regards,
  • Larry Burrow
    commented 2020-04-20 07:50:43 -0700
    Please stop sending me “tips” and “updates” on the corona virus. This information is widely available from any number of news outlets. I do not need for you to summarize what I have already learned. What I do need is for you to show some support for our president and the hard work that his task force, and all of the people who are helping to keep us safe, healthy and fed are doing. Please show some real integrity by voicing your support for what the White House has done, press our governor to support the very reasonable guidelines that his task force has developed for reopening our economy. They are giving us hope, and the Democratic leadership in our state looks petty in comparison. Pelosi giving Trump an “F” grade is mocking all of the federal workers who are trying so hard.

    If you cannot publicly acknowledge and give voice to our disgust with the obvious politically motivated B.S. that Pelosi and Schumer are shoveling out to try to disrupt EVERYTHING our president is doing, you should be ashamed of yourself and and do not deserve to hold the office WE had GIVEN you!

    I have lived in the Central Valley of California all my life and have actually voted for you on occasion, but I am ashamed of the leadership in Sacramento for making this tragedy political.

    Step up or step away!
  • Prostitute
    commented 2020-04-19 19:23:47 -0700
    Hey Jim, can I be in top next time?
  • Donald Trump
    commented 2020-04-19 19:22:23 -0700
    Jim, you’re my favorite Democrat. Good work Jim! We will build a wall together
  • Adam Gray
    commented 2020-04-19 19:21:23 -0700
    Hey dad, can I please have your congressional seat when you retire?
  • Devin Nunes
    commented 2020-04-19 19:20:42 -0700
    You want to be a Republican bro?
  • Esmeralda Soria
    commented 2020-04-19 19:19:46 -0700
    Fuck You
  • Brent Gong
    commented 2020-04-08 11:34:26 -0700
    I just had my Catalytic Converter stolen this weekend of a Toyota Prius 2005. Why has California made it so expensive to replace this converter when on ebay/autozone you can by a converter for this car for 200.00. Toyota dealership ;wants 3000.00 to install and replace. The only approved catalytic converter is a dealer part. Cant you do something about this. I have to total my Toyota prius because of the expense.
  • Michael Mitchell
    commented 2020-04-02 21:00:57 -0700
    3M selling N95 masks to highest (non-american) bidders paying cash? Shut them down and put them in jail!!
  • Ariana Ponce
    commented 2020-03-31 12:18:40 -0700
    What can I do to keep my daughters safe during this pandemic and their visitations with their father? I have full custody but we have court ordered visitations every 14 days they head to solano county (which have 36 confirmed cases) to visit with their father for 34 hours from merced county. The girls have history of asthma so I asked him to make sure to social distance and try and keep them home instead of going out anywhere. He claims to have peers in medical field, sheriff, and police who have told him that covid-19 is not what the news and cdc website makes it out to be. He claims there is a vaccine and it is not that serious. I am genuinely terrified and concerned for the girls well being and safety I don’t want to risk them getting the sickness and suffering especially with their asthma history. What is my options during this time? What can I do to keep my kids safe? He already said he would have me arrested if I kept the girls from visiting him during this time.
  • Constance Crain
    commented 2020-03-31 10:07:25 -0700
    I need help in reinstating Medicare part B that was cancelled , i was told, due to nonpayment

    . I was not sent a bill, nor was sent the 3 required warning notices of being cut off. This occured Feb. 13. I have talked to social security, David Ramos, no resolvemen
  • ernest giancola
    commented 2020-03-30 16:01:46 -0700
    you and adam ( aka money waster ) should start your own country
  • Alana Lewis
    commented 2020-03-26 23:56:11 -0700
    Dear Congressman Jim Costa,

    I know you are very busy with our nation, the pandemic and your own family. I am disabled and receive SSA, SSI and recently I started receiving 86.00 in Food Stamps. If I may, I wanted to ask a couple of questions and am hoping for a reply back. With the stimulus bill passing, I was not able to find any answers on whether or not those of us on SSA or SSI would be receiving any help. So, my first question is, would we? As I mentioned, I get a whopping $86.00 in Food Stamps and that’s for my autistic son and myself. My second question is… Will we be receiving an increase in our stamps, even if it’s temporary? I have always had a budget and I stick to it. However, when I go shopping now, all that seems to be left are higher end food items, even meats. I’m usually able to make our funds last to the end of the month. Not now with what is left for me to buy. I also have medications I need to pay copays on for my son and I. I hope to receive a reply. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for valley and state. Blessings to you and your family.

    Sincerely and Respectfully, Alana L.
  • Karen Quijada
    commented 2020-03-24 22:22:16 -0700
    Our country is in a crisis right now and during such time it’s insane for you and your colleagues to play political gamesmanship. I honestly don’t understand how the Democratic Party can continue to support Nancy Pelosi and allow her to remain as Speaker. She has so much hatred for our President that she has become completely irrational. She clearly doesn’t care about the American people that she is supposed to represent. The fact that you go along with her suggests to me that you don’t care about the people you represent either and you are putting politics ahead of people. I can’t believe that 100% of your colleagues support this insanity. In fact, I’m confident not all Democratic colleagues support her but no one has the balls to stand up to her. Any rational person would ask why not? What kind of power does she hold over all of you that you have given her so much control? It’s pathetic! What’s wrong with you guys? As. Sen. Kennedy stated yesterday our country is being run by idiots and you are one of those idiots if you continue to allow this nonsense to go on. It’s time to quit double downing on stupid. Regardless of Party affiliation you have to recognize the damage she is causing our country for her own personal agenda. It’s time for her Democratic colleagues to put a stop to her nonsense. If you don’t take immediate action you will have the blood of American lives destroyed by this crisis on your hands.
  • Paul Mahal
    commented 2020-03-19 13:50:07 -0700
    Congressman Jim Costa, Good afternoon.

    I am owner of a small transportation & Logistics business in Los Banos. Have few questions after congress passed the bill yesterday.

    1. I have few rental properties in the bay area. If the tenant can’t pay the rent due to layoffs, whats type of assistant in $$ available to landlords and for how long.

    2. I also have small transportation and logistics business. Given current economy and business conditions, to keep going. Congress passed a bill $ 350 Billon for small business. Whats the process to tap into those programs

    a. The Treasury is also asking for $50 billion for the airline industry, a small business interruption loan program of $300 billion and $150 billion for other distressed sectors, the proposal said.

    3. With 14 days sick leave to be paid due to COVID 19, what will be the reimburse process fro employers.


    Paul Mahal

    Los Banos,CA

    Cell: 650.222.4548
  • SELF denied Holy Warrior for Jesus Holy Trinity
    commented 2020-03-13 17:45:05 -0700
    global extermination by 2025 – And I’ve sent this & messaged DOD & military base’s in new mexico re: Dulce’s military base as well;

    Crime’s against humanity NO even begin to scratch the surface. ALL $ bought & sold out your humanity & NON-SELF owned Soul (as solely God owns ALL), but re: Even with & like THOSE upon indian reservation (no respect for THE LAND) = New Mexico’s 7 mile’s down Dulce military base (& their just ONE amidst USA, despite global elsewhere), but press – on your computer keyboard the key’s Ctrl & ‘F’ & search / find keyword – type in: Level 6 & see thereof text wordage around thereof:

    Do your own research, come to your own conclusion’s, but DON’T deem vast that they have been doing & are (tick tock ‘time’, right now) aren’t even worse so: global extermination by 2025, & whom (TOP Power deem that 9-1-1 was JUST a TEST, to see just how the global masses would react & respond.

    Globalist’s, misc aren’t really doing what they plan on, their really just passing the time, evil – senselessly, & their talk of reducing 7 billion plus down to 500 million, huh, OH don’t think it’ll stop there, oh no, just so Satan who solely started this Holy War against God, can eventually ‘spite’ God with eventually exhibited all human eventually narrowed down & killed, like Satan’s timeless laughing off it’s ass at us (having put on a clueless humor show for that beast) & deeming to God, “LOOK AT THEM ALL, YOUR SO-CALLED PRIDE & JOY, THEIR SUPPOSE TO REPRESENT YOU?!”

    And you gonna tell me (fellow human’s) THAT no bothers you? OH it will, upon Coming Judgment Day before Jesus per / via your Heaven Life Record (everyone has one, even Adam & Eve), OH . . . I ‘GET’ much BECAUSE I chose to SELF denyingly Holy Warrior rise up for solely Holy Trinity. You (CARE?) to read – hear more? Huh, fine, it’s NOT my Holy intel & I’m no threat nor lone wolf (as lone wolf is NOT in nor of Holy Trinity). Men in Black? Crime’s against humanity NO even begin to scratch the surface.

    Like judge Marshall (“Time Cop”) said, “The sentence is DEATH, to be carried out IMMEDIATELY!” NO waiting around for the right cocktail, & thereof WATCH & WITNESS just how fast 6′ × 9′, misc tier’s would be cleared & emptied!

    Know that it was Adam that sinned first, NOT Eve BUT old men long ago would have vast past since – to date believe otherwise, & why would anyone think? YEAH, huh, right.

    Here’s another one: When satan got defeated re: Jesus’s testing in the desert, Satan just deemed (BECAUSE of ‘?’, ROGUE us all as a whole FROM Holy trinity), “Fine Satan would just go after Jesus’s next best thing, HIS Little One’s ‘children / kids’ through the adult’s”.

    Humanity could (& should have SELF denyingly chosen to Holy Warrior rise up & represent solely Holy Trinity – as to why we were created & thought up in the first with WITH all we’d ever need ie: gift’s, talent’s, skill’s & free will, NOT EVER to exhibitedly deem (UGH) that God is somehow a maid & janitor for us?

    Uh, NOT HE wouldn’t even have to exhale & we’d go out quicker than a candle & think NOT fellow humanity why Jesus REALLY came, huh, there’d be WHAT? Animatedly White streak’s down all adult’s back in fear & terror finding out the REAL Truth), with that we were solely created to self denyingly care take of each & Earth, NOTHING off!

    And the dying Earth? Try: The Natural balance is off – once like a force field shielding, like a computer firewall going down, thus, having allowed in, because of Adam first & THEN Eve, which Satan seeing Adam failing God priorly THEN did God allow Satan to try testing Eve.

    And re: children / kid’s, Jesus: “If any adult’s keep any of these Little one’s from me, they will NEVER see my Father”. MUCH has been changed, suppressed, misc by whether the Vatican, fill in the blank’s over centuries, even destroyed so that later humanity would NOT know of the truth or say that – to do such, simply would have been purposely not been recorded so as to deem that it just never happened & thus, later humanity would not know.

    Yeah, I know much BUT it AIN’T me, it’s Holy Trinity, per / via HIm ‘touching’ me, knowing I’d be shunned but I don’t care because I will die for Jesus & have past since – to date until my eventual death, SELF denied voluntary & chosenly Holy Warrior for Jesus Holy Trinity.

    Huh two thing’s: a) THEY of whether globalist’s, etc or TOP – down globally deem cluelessly that – 1) Satan started this nevertheless 70 century – to date Holy War against God, 2) Adam FIRST, NOT Eve, sinned & then Eve of course but old men long ago changing writing’s would have any & all believe otherwise, & SO . . . what then? Satan wins? YEAH, NOT! THINK AGAIN!

    And THEN, there’s this – THEY of globalist’s, etc TOP – down, globally are gonna take out ALL humanity IN, whether clueless or on purpose, accordance WITH this Holy War that Satan solely started against God 70 centuries ago, (voluntary & NON-voluntary suicide / murder, just so Satan can apparently SPITE God that & with, “LOOK AT THEM ALL, THEIR ALL GONE, THEIR (were) SUPPOSE TO HAVE BEEN YOUR / YOU’RE PRIDE & JOY . . .”

    And plus there’s then the – THEIR really not doing – all that they have done & do – do for really no reason, THEIR really just doing it to pass the tick tock ‘time’ . . .

    And worth noting, when Satan got defeated in the desert amidst Jesus’s testing, Satan just deemed, "Fine, I’ll just go after Jesus’s next best thing, HIS Little One’s (children / kid’s) THROUGH the adult’s.

    God gave us all each – embedded within all we’d ever need to self denyingly Holy Warrior rise up & represent Holy Trinity, as we were created to solely do so & THAT of care take of each & Earth, NOTHING off, EVER! THIS PLANET, Earth! It’s like One who goes after dessert before eating the main meal or like human evil weed’s overtaking the garden that is all else . . . PONDER THAT!

    Huh, LISTEN . . . to our fellow human Brother, just another Son of Adam & Eve, Steven Frederic Seagal’s word’s very carefully & TAKE IT TO HEART!

    Los Angeles County (California, USA), 88 cities & 20 + year’s = vast dead & killed fellow homeless human’s;

    Author: Paul L. Williams.

    Huh, TRY THIS on for size per / via you’re brain = global extermination by 2025, & whom (TOP Power deem that 9-1-1 was JUST a TEST to see just how the global masses would react & respond.

    Deborah Tavares, (she lives in Sonoma County – Northern California), & is a activist with a research team – Email: [email protected], Her website:, & check THIS podcast she did: YOU local – global humanity NEED to SERIOUS listen to, because ceasing of humanity is Coming, please & SHARE it! Or you can hear it here –
  • Irene Santoyo
    commented 2020-03-02 19:42:14 -0800
    I met you at a reception and I was so shocked at your arrogance. First impressions make a lasting mark. Those feelings were even cemented when you aired Esmeralda Soria’s support of you a year ago. If you haven’t noticed, we do live in the United States if America, where we are entitled to change our opinion. I can only surmise that you like to mock women (including past history). Once again, I find your ads showing your true colors, arrogance (it’s in your facial expressions)and trying to make another bid as if you deserved it! I call it ‘welfare’ for those of you who think the valley is better with you as representative, I call it a ‘cash bull’ and the crap that comes along with it! I’m not a republican either! You need to truly work for a living.
  • Frank Rodriguez
    commented 2020-02-20 18:47:23 -0800
    You are an asshole. You have been in office too long. That was a dick move playing the videos of one of your past supporter Esmeralda Soria. That’s all you’ve got? Why don’t you show videos of the news when you were caught with prostitutes in 1986? You need to go because you haven’t done shit for the central valley for years. It’s unbelievable that you have stayed in office this long. You are a piece of garbage.
  • Central Valley
    commented 2020-02-15 15:44:26 -0800
    @RepJimCosta Why have you never married? Is there something about your life you are keeping from the Central Valley? Why would you rather be know as a pot smoking, consumer of prostitution, than who you really are? When will you be honest with us Jim? #ComeOnOutJim
  • Matthew Owdom
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  • Matthew Owdom
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  • Curt X
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  • Sharlyn Woody
    commented 2019-12-19 10:46:27 -0800
    Thank you for voting to impeach Trump.
  • Curt X
    commented 2019-12-19 10:45:03 -0800
    the number of hateful republicans in this district who post angry comments on this site prevents me from revealing my entire identity. I support impeachment but believe that holding it from the biased senate’s undoing would be the wisest strategy. Donnie Boy needs to have his mouth washed out and sent into the corner for his obnoxious traitorous behaviors.
  • John Moore
    commented 2019-12-18 13:28:28 -0800
    You will never get my vote,my families vote or my friends vote again.