Meet Jim Costa

My family immigrated to the Valley, where we have been farming for 112 years. Our story is the American story of immigration, families who come here to build a better life.

Now more than ever, we need leaders with the experience to find common sense solutions to the problems we face. As your Congressman, I work hard to get things done for our Valley.

Nothing is as important to our Valley’s future as a clean and reliable water supply. Over the past two years, we’ve been successful in providing more flexibility for water managers and Valley farmers and will continue to push for more water, including funding to improve our infrastructure and build more storage.

I’ve championed comprehensive immigration reform, keeping families together and protecting the Dreamers from the uncertainty no one should have to endure.


Since 2010, the number of uninsured people in our Congressional district has dropped by half, but affordable healthcare will always be a priority. I’m continuing my work to expand healthcare, increasing funding for our community hospitals and health clinics and making drug prices affordable.

To ensure our veterans get what they’ve earned, I secured funding to open the Fresno Veterans Home and worked to improve access for veteran’s healthcare.

We’ve brought tax dollars back to our Valley – improving roads, hiring police officers, funding schools and colleges and passing a Farm Bill that keeps Valley agriculture growing.

We have more to do – join my efforts to reinvest in our future and keep our Valley strong.

The grandson of Portuguese immigrants, Congressman Jim Costa is an active third-generation family farmer and lifelong San Joaquin Valley resident. Costa is a product of Fresno County schools; he graduated from San Joaquin Memorial High School. His Bachelor's Degree in Political Science is from California State University, Fresno.