Flag flies proudly again

David Catano is a veteran of the Vietnam War. While serving his country, he was wounded and earned his Purple Heart. Upon returning home to Parlier, he was awarded the "veteran's preference points" for employment in the U.S. Postal Service, which gives preference in hiring to veterans seeking government jobs. Many do not know that the USPS employs 235,000 veterans.

David was recently hospitalized to extract a piece of shrapnel that could not be removed at that time and had no idea about the controversy swirling around the post office where he worked. Veterans at Hughes Station in Fresno had learned that the "Stars and Stripes" had not flown over the building in six months. The government agency's own handbook states in regulation 472.21, "The flag of the United States must be displayed on stationary flagstaffs at all post offices."

Iraq War Veteran Steve Sanders attempted to contact the local postmaster but to no avail. He then contacted Congressman Jim Costa's office. Within two days of the call, the flag was again flying over the post office building. If you are a veteran or are related to one, Jim Costa deserves your vote in June.

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