Standing up for Kessab

As someone whose family has immigrated from Kessab, Syria, with friends and relations still there, I was heartened to see the strong statements from Congressmen Jim Costa and David Valadao strongly condemning the recent attacks against the civilian population by terrorists reportedly aided and abetted by Turkey.

The incursion forced the residents of this historically Christian Armenian city to flee from their homes -- at a moment's notice with only the clothes on their back -- for the third time in a century. The terrorists crossing the Turkish border took possession and looted homes and ripped off crosses from Armenian churches. These atrocities were condemned clearly and directly by Reps. Valadao and Costa -- a Republican and a Democrat, respectively -- who felt the pain of their constituents in the Fresno area and saw the need to forcefully speak out.

As we work to get much needed humanitarian assistance to those forced out of their homes, we must also investigate NATO ally Turkey's culpability in their third assault against this defenseless coastal Christian town.

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