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  • anon.
    commented 2018-08-09 08:41:38 -0700
    I have known Ms Heng for many years. Heng is not a Cambodian surname. If I remember correctly her home language was Mandarin Chinese. She’s trying to tap into something based on lies.
  • Danielle Kogan
    commented 2018-08-02 23:16:32 -0700

    My name is Danielle and I write for Newsweek. We’re looking to keep track of your campaign and would love the contact information of the candidate’s campaign Communications Director/Press Spokesperson. Can you provide an email and a phone number where we can reach you directly should we need a statement as soon as possible? Please feel free to pass that information via email or the phone number in the signature below.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Michael Ward
    commented 2018-07-31 13:45:57 -0700
    100 Day Map Check Up!

    Do You Have Good Campaign Maps?

    A map is the greatest of all epic poems. Its lines and colors show the realization of great dreams. - G.H. Grosvenor, Editor of National Geographic (1903- 1954)

    Dear 2018 Campaigners,

    Are your strategic and tactical “battle maps” ready for action? Maps.Com can help your staff, volunteers and ultimately voters get where they need to go before and most important on election day! Maps.Com will help you cartographically illustrate, organize and put to work almost any kind of State, County, District or Precinct data.

    We make custom maps in several printed and digital formats. Starting with letter sized e-mailable and photocopiable map files, to larger printed map pads for volunteers, to laminated “write upon” or pin wall maps we have your voters and volunteers covered for:

    • Fund Raising; Event Planning; Voter Registration; County, Ward and Precinct Organization; other Ground Game Opportunities.

    Please let me know if I can set up a no charge consultation and price estimate with our “Maps Meister” Fred Long so we can “build” you something special to chart a more direct, clearer and cleaner path to Victory in November.

    Below is a partial list of our clients and some ideas for maps. If you have seen maps you like from other campaigns please discuss them with us and we will incorporate their best features into your project. If you have campaign friends that need maps please let me know and we will help them as well.

    Best Regards,

    Michael Ward


    Direct: 805-699-7529

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    A Sampling of our Maps:

  • Colin Ritchie
    commented 2018-07-28 08:41:28 -0700
    Did you really vote on a bill to cut into Social Security to pay for Government spending?
  • Jill Bailey
    commented 2018-07-26 07:19:25 -0700
    Eleven Point River in Missouri

    House Committee on Natural Resources, Please get involved with this issue protecting the Outstanding National Resource Water of our country because you are on the Natural Resources Committee. Please let this national river in Missouri receive the protection it deserves under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

    Jill Bailey



    Jill Bailey

    12:50 PM (14 minutes ago)

    to EJHotline

    -———- Forwarded message -———-

    From: Jill Bailey

    Date: Tue, Jul 24, 2018 at 12:50 PM

    Subject: we have played Phone tag many times

    To: EJHotline

    Just leave a real person at EPA’s name when you call and it will be easier not to lose track of each other. In a message you said you would direct me somewhere. I am specifically trying to protect a Wild and Scenic River in Missouri. This was not done before NPDES permitting occurred by our state department of natural resources.

    “beginning on any such project” (in 16 U.S. Code Chapter 28 subsection

    1278(a) “without advising the Secretary of Agriculture at least 60 days in advance”( per this code) “and without specifically reporting to the Congress in writing at the time it makes its recommendation or request in what respect construction of such protect would be in conflict with the purposes of this chapter and would affect the component and the values to be protected by it under this chapter.”

    DNR in Missouri receives money from EPA to issue NPDES permits. These are nationally required permits with national laws written about them. This is a national permit, no matter how it is dressed down and dismissed by even your agency when I appealed to the Environmental Appeals Board. This company in Missouri, Coastal Energy, who I have notified you about many times, should not be in operation on a US Wild and Scenic River.

    Jill Bailey


  • Kc Lynch
    commented 2018-07-17 12:07:08 -0700
    Russian Money Laundering

    We need legislation to REQUIRE tax returns on ALL presidential candidates. If Trump isn’t up to his baggy eyeballs in laundering corrupt money for Russia, I’ll eat my hat! Please take action.
  • Kiera Solomon
    commented 2018-07-06 07:05:13 -0700

    I’m Kiera Solomon and I am reaching out on behalf of the Our Democracy 2018 campaign, a nonpartisan informational questionnaire on democracy issues and government accountability for candidates running in the midterm elections. Could you please let me know what the most appropriate campaign phone number would be to send this survey? Thanks!


    Kiera Solomon
  • Angelina McNamara
    commented 2018-06-26 11:04:44 -0700
    Dear Mr. Costa, I am reaching out to you to inquire about a White House visit. I would like to know how I should go about this. I am a valley native and an educator at Fresno County Superintendent of Schools with Jim Yovino. I attended school in and taught was a leader in Central Unified. My husband has practiced law here in the valley for the last 30 years as well.

    Please let me know what my next steps should be please.
  • Wallace Van Camp
    commented 2018-06-25 18:16:58 -0700
    Thank You for your positive vote on HR 299. For Blue water Navy Agent Orange presumptive. This means a lot to me as a Veitnam Blue water sailor. Please ask your friends in the senate to vote for it too. Thank you so much.
  • Jennifer Fitzgerald
    commented 2018-06-23 09:58:10 -0700
    Shame on you for voting to take from social security. We are watching and will be voting in November!
  • Jerry Goodwin
    commented 2018-06-22 17:51:01 -0700
    I understand you have not signed the discharge petition to bring net neutrality to a vote in the House. I strongly support net neutrality and I urge you to sign the discharge petition.
  • Lois Luckman
    commented 2018-06-19 15:55:57 -0700
    I support current enforcement of U.S. immigration laws at U.S. Mexico border.

    I am a resident of the 16th CA Congressional District and registered Democrat.
  • Michael Ward
    commented 2018-06-18 10:13:36 -0700
    Campaign Maps For 2018 !!!!

    A picture maybe worth a thousand words,

    but the right map will take your campaigns where they need to go.

    Dear Team Costa,

    Maps.com would be honored to help your great campaign team(s) organize, plan and win on Tuesday, November 6th! To do this cartographically our designers, programmers and cartographers will design with you custom map(s) to source and plot:

    • Fund Raising Opportunities

    • Voter Registration Drives

    • Absentee Voter Check Lists

    • County, Ward and Precinct Organization

    • “Ground Game” Poll Turnout Strategies

    • Centralized Contact information

    Maps.Com will graphically organize your constituencies by individual political race, county, precinct or “all of the above” in beautiful, detailed and current printed or digital maps. We make maps in several convenient formats ranging from letter sized easily photo-copied and emailable map files, to larger print map pads for volunteers, to “heat maps”, to web site interactive maps, to large wall maps.

    If we can help please give me a call and I will set up a no charge consultation with our Maps. com “Maps Meister” Fred Long. If you have seen maps you like, please share them with us. Then we can include and improve upon their best features to give you superb campaign maps.

    We hope we can get your early and regular voters to the polls in the largest possible numbers. If you know folks who might need maps in their campaigns please let me know,

    Kind Regards,

    Michael Ward


    Direct: 805-699-7529

    Toll Free 800.929.4627 x129

    Fax 805.685.3330


    More about Maps.com

    Since 1991, Maps.com has been a leader in custom mapping solutions for businesses, organizations, education and government across the USA. Clients include AAA, Aflac, American Express, Arby’s, Bank of America, Best Western, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Bob Evans, Coldwell Banker Previews International, CNN, Cracker Barrel, Culligan, Disney, Enterprise, Fodor’s, Four Seasons, Gold’s Gym, Gulfstream Aerospace, Heineken, Hilton, Home Depot, Houghton Mifflin, Lowe’s, Marriott, National Geographic, New York Life, Princess Cruise Lines, Rosetta Stone, Sotheby’s International Realty, Sprint, Starwood Hotels, T-Mobile, Ticketmaster, Vagabond Inn, Verizon, Viking Cruise Lines and many Chambers of Commerce, Convention & Visitors Bureaus and Realtors. Our federal government clients include: The Departments of Commerce, Defense, Education, Homeland Security, Labor, State and Veteran Affairs; the Economic Development Administration, FBI, Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement; the US Air Force, Army, Army Corps of Engineers, Marine Corps and Navy.

    A Sampling of our Maps:


    https://enterprise.maps.com/portfolio-item/boston-port-map-viking/ Smaller “Port of Call map”


    https://Enterprise.maps.com/portfolio-item/goleta-valley-chamber-commerce/ Visitor’s Map Goleta,

    https://Enterprise.maps.com/portfolio-item/visit-pittsburgh/ Destination map Pittsburg

    https://Enterprise.maps.com/portfolio-item/culpepper/ Destination Map of Culpepper,

    https://enterprise.maps.com/portfolio-item/louisville-convention-visitors-bureau-front-back/ Louisville Convention Center
  • Jeffrey Widmann II
    commented 2018-06-17 20:06:58 -0700
    Dear Congressman Costa, I just watched the 60 Minutes feature on how big pharma companies successfully lobbied to get legislation watered-down to the point that DEA attorneys are not able to prosecute obvious orders by distributors for drugs that end up being sold to third parties illegally. Shouldn’t the laws be tougher? One DEA attorney suggested that the opioid crisis is worsening.. and big pharma executives need to be imprisoned before things get better. What is your position on this?
  • Aaron J
    commented 2018-05-24 11:27:51 -0700
    Shame on you for voting for the deregulation of banking industry. Have we not learned that banks don’t care about people. Call yourself something other then a Democrat because you care little for the people of this country
  • proud citizen
    commented 2018-05-02 09:17:16 -0700
    Dear Jim Costa

    Please do not support crook Antonio for governor

    Please repeal your support

    Please can we not allow this traitor crook clown former gang member anti American pro-illegal scandal-ridden cheater anti White racist Antonio Villalagrossa (aka villala crappa, aka mayor reconquista) to run for governor , as he would destroy CA (MEXifornia) after he destroyed LA

    Millions of Californians agree with me
  • Jerry Tongjer Thao
    commented 2018-04-24 21:10:16 -0700
    I would like to know more information about Hmong SGU Eligibility cemetery
  • Wendy Duncan
    commented 2018-04-05 05:32:24 -0700
    I’m not in your district – but I’m hoping you can tell me if there are local versions of the problem-solver caucus.
  • Sally Ramage
    commented 2018-03-22 13:24:09 -0700
    I understand that Congressman Jim Costa may not be in Fresno in early April. However, I did want to share with him and his office an important upcoming event at the Shinzen Japanese Garden. We will be hosting a Garden exhibit of the McLane High School Gaman Exhibit, Stories and Images of the Incarceration of Japanese Americans at Manzanar on Saturday April 7. Gaman means “enduring the unbearable with dignity and patience.” This is a powerful translation of stories of the survivors onto painted panels on wooden doors. Many of the students and their art teacher will be on hand to talk with the visitors to the Garden. It is the day of the annual Spring Cultural Faire at the Garden and we are honored to host and to support the students in the significant learning experience.

    For more information, please go to www.shinzenjapanesegarden.org

    Thank you.
  • Joe cEDILLO
    commented 2018-03-21 14:53:21 -0700
    Mr. Costa, my name is Joe Cedillo. I am a retired Air Force veteran for 20 years now. The cost of my health insurance payments has nearly doubled in co-pays for doctors visits and prescription medications of which I need so badly since Ive had a kidney transplant Nov. 2011. The health insurance company that serviced Tri-Care has changed over to Health Net. My wife and I deserve better than this so I am asking for your help to reduce the cost of health insurance not only for myself and my wife but for all veterans and retired military.

    Thank you

    Joe Cedillo
  • Angelique Cucaro-Renault
    commented 2018-03-09 10:58:46 -0800
    It has been only a few weeks since another mass shooting in US and yet, this horrific event has already receded to the background as public attention has riveted on latest news, both local and international. Any violent event forever changes the lives of everyone who was there and for their families and friends- for those that were killed and those who were maimed and who will carry the physical damage and the psychological trauma for the rest of their lives. It should change our lives, too, and make us initiate change so that this will never happen again.

    This shooting was just the most recent of a string of mass shootings that our country has known-1991- Killeen, Texas- 24 killed; 27 wounded; 1999- Littleton, Colorado at Columbine High School- 13 killed; 20 wounded; 2007- Blacksburg, Virginia at the Virginia Tech campus- 33 killed; 17 wounded; 2009- Fort Hood, Texas- 13 killed; 33 wounded; 2012- Newtown, Connecticut at the Sandy Hook Elementary school- 28 killed (20 of which were children); 2 wounded- 2012- Aurora, Colorado at a movie theater- 12 killed; 70 injured; 2015- San Bernardino, California- 16 killed; 24 wounded 2016- Orlando, Florida at the Pulse Night Club- 49 killed; 58 wounded; 2017- Las Vegas- 59 killed and 441 wounded; Sutherland Springs, Texas- 27 killed; 20 wounded; Corning, California- 6 killed; 12 wounded; 2018- Benton, Kentucky- 2 killed; 14 wounded; Pomapno Beach, Florida- 17 killed, 17 wounded…and sadly, this is just a partial list.

    While mass shootings garner more attention, there are hundreds that die and are injured every day from gunshot violence, whether it be from criminals, gangs, drive by shootings or accidental killings such as when a child discovers a loaded gun in mom’s purse or dad’s drawer and shoots his parent, a sibling or himself.

    While this carnage should be igniting discussion, the most deafening sound is the silence about enacting gun control. This event should act as a catalyst, sparking demand for change of this country’s insane gun laws that allow anyone to have easy access to weapons.

    Pro-gun enthusiasts like to cite the Second Amendment that refers to a “well-regulated militia” which made sense in the 1700’s in a country that had recently gained its independence and which had no standing army. It also referred to muskets, not semi-automatic rifles.

    The NRA and the pro-gun lobby wield such influence and power that no Congressman would dare propose gun control legislation at the federal level. Basic common sense measures should ban ALL assault weapons, limit the number of firearms that an individual can buy and have each firearm registered and tracked along with a rigorous assessment of an individual’s mental stability and criminal history for potential buyers, whether the purchase is made in a gun store, gun show or on-line. Yet, rather than passing measures to limit guns and violence, just before the Las Vegas shooting, Congress was considering passing legislation to legalize silencers, armor piercing bullets and to permit open carry (where federal law would supersede states with more restrictive gun laws). Not only would these further endanger all ordinary citizens, it would put the lives of law enforcement officers at much greater risk.

    It took only a single mass shooting in 1996 in Dunblane, Scotland and in Tasmania, Australia for these countries to enact gun laws that have resulted in a dramatic decline in deaths from gun violence. This included buy-back programs, lengthy background checks and complete bans on automatic and semi-automatic weapons. While gun owners are adamant about defending their right to have guns and while many may be conscientious with their firearms, individual rights should not supersede legislation for the safety and well-being of the general public. When the terrible events of Sept. 11 occurred, no one questioned the need to subordinate an individual’s rights for the benefit to the public at large when security measures needed to be enacted.

    The NRA says that there are enough gun control laws in place, that no amount of background checks would make a difference, that guns don’t kill, rather that people do. When there has been a massacre, they say this is not the time to discuss gun control. There is NO reason for anybody to possess an assault weapon and banning access to these is a clear logical step!

    The answer to this epidemic of gun violence is NOT more guns as there is discussion and impending legislation to arm teachers. Teachers are paid a pittance for their most important role of teaching our children, the future of our country for imparting their knowledge and instilling good values. Not only are we asking them to teach, we are asking them to lay down their lives. We are asking them to be psychologists, guardians, officers and sharpshooters and at the same time, we are woefully underpaying them for such tasks. Arming teachers is NOT a good idea as the example of road rage shows. What about class rage? That is, it is entirely possible that a frustrated or exhausted teacher with a temporary emotional imbalance can act out with a gun in the classroom against the student(s) that they have been entrusted to protect. Besides ensuring safety in schools, what about safety elsewhere, anywhere, there is a gathering of people- concerts, malls, street demonstrations…? How do we guarantee the public’s safety? How about people’s basic right of freedom of the fear of being shot anytime, anywhere? Isn’t that more important that the concern of impinging on some people’s right to bear arms!?

    The students of the Parkland school who experienced the horrific event of Feb. 14 bravely took action and confronted the leaders of our country for real and meaningful gun law reform, not just the enactment of a minimal gesture such as ensuring a 3 day waiting period prior to purchase and raising the purchasing age from 18 to 21 years of age.

    If we cannot enact gun control laws, when? After Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Parkland…now is the time to enact laws to restrict the number and accessibility of firearms in this country and to control this monster of our own making.
  • Cliff Brimmer
    commented 2018-02-21 07:36:55 -0800
    Our team supports Costa! Keep up the great work that you do!

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  • Harold Tenney
    commented 2017-12-26 13:14:35 -0800
    Lincoln Project

    It is time to evaluate the political environment within our country. Both major political parties are now monopolized by the extremes, the ultra right and the ultra left, that disparage and insult anyone that does not agree with them. The political landscape today is toxic. Trust in the governmental process is at an all time low. It may be the time to recalibrate our political process. . There is a need for a new political “big tent” for all patriotic citizens; Democrats, Republicans, independents and others who are morally and politically centered and have felt disenfranchised, offended, alienated and frustrated with the current state of politics n our country.

    The Republican Party still claims to be the “Party of Lincoln” Under its current leadership, the party has abandon the principles that Lincoln believed and lived.

    During Lincoln’s time in the early 1850’s, the two major parties, Democrats and Whigs were falling apart from within. Quoting What Can the Collapse of the Whig Party Tell Us About Today’s Politics? (Smithsonian.com):

    A new coalition that combined most of the Free Soil Party, a majority of northern Whigs, and a substantial number of disgruntled northern Democrats came together to form the Republican party.

    The creation of the Republican Party was largely in response to the abhorrent bigotry and treatment towards black slaves and Irish Catholic immigrants. (Smithsonian.com)

    Abraham Lincoln was one of the pivotal political leaders during the demise of the Whig party and when he chose to join the new Republican Party:

    It was not a decision that Lincoln took lightly. He was a staunch member of the Whig Party up until that point. Yet events in the country caused him to change course. Indeed, the birth of the Republican Party and Lincoln’s transformation from a local Midwestern politician to the greatest American President are intimately connected to the extraordinary tumult of mid-19th century America.

    Any effort to consider why Lincoln became a Republican and his role in the formation of the Republican Party must begin with two basic points. First, a single issue united early Republicans – strenuous objection to the extension of slavery into the territories. Second, Lincoln’s passion was always for the principles of liberty in the Declaration of Independence, especially the principle that “all men are created equal.”

    Lincoln abhorred slavery, a position that led him to the Republican Party. Once a Republican, his broader philosophy made its mark on the party. (Why Lincoln was a Republican, The Ripon Forum, Volume 0, No. 0, The Ripon Society)

    In an effort to unify the country, upon being elected President, Lincoln promptly selected his formal rivals to his cabinet:

    Abraham Lincoln’s election in 1860 marked the first time a Republican was elected president. Having no experience in national affairs and facing a crisis of enormous proportions, Lincoln strategically filled his cabinet with the men who had opposed him for the nomination and who were his political rivals. Formed from a disparate coalition of Whigs, Democrats, Free Soilers, easterners, westerners, northerners, radicals, and conservatives, the new Republican political party mirrored the men who served in Lincoln’s cabinet…Lincoln, extremely self-confident, selected a team of political adversaries who were regularly at odds with each other. However, Lincoln looked beyond each man’s foibles and competing egos and saw the talent and intelligence each man brought to his administration. Cabinet members were free to disagree with each other and Lincoln’s unique personality ensured balance within his cabinet. Lincoln recognized the risks in Lincoln’s cabinet…Lincoln concluded he “must risk the dangers of faction to overcome the dangers of rebellion.” According to historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, it was Abraham Lincoln’s ability to effectively manage his Civil War cabinet that illustrated his political genius. (Lincoln’s Cabinet: From Rivalry to Respect, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, PresidentLincoln.org)

    So what can we learn from Lincoln’s example? When political parties espouse extreme political positions for an extended period of time, it may require a formation of a new political party.

    As happened in Lincoln’s time, there is a need to discuss a restructured political party that:

    • Represents the positions of those Americans found in the center, that being socially compassionate, the fiscally conservative and the morally principled in both values and behavior.

    • Encourages bi-partisanship, collaboration, compromise and civility in the political process.

    For those of you who stand in the center and are members of any of the following groups:

    • Independents

    • Democrats

    • Libertarians

    • Republicans

    • No Labels

    • Blue Dog Coalition

    • New Democrat Coalition

    • Republican Main Street Partnership

    • Utah United Party

    • Bipartisan Policy Center

    • Third Way Politics

    • The Lugar Center,

    It is time to unite in a new alliance for the purpose of creating an inclusive political process that represents the best ideals of our democratic republic. It is time to replace the hatred, acrimony and stridency that is now pervasive in our two major political parties. Who will be courageous and take the lead in organizing a Summit of the Center?
  • Zayala Fitzgerald
    commented 2017-12-01 10:46:17 -0800
    To The Honorable Jim Costa,

    Due to your position as a ranking member under the Committee of Agriculture, I wanted to discuss the current state and relationship between agriculture and water. I wanted to voice my support at your efforts to focus on California’s water supply and the effect of water on farmers. Although positive aspects of your plan are mentioned that focus on the unsustainability of California’s current water practices, your solutions will not be as successful as perceived. Water projects that increase dams and aqueducts are destroying the environment because the creation of dams causes water conflicts, drought, and water loss. A major negative of dams is that they are expensive to build and operate. Currently, California’s debt is around $389 billion, the expense of building a dam will affect the economy in California. Since dams are ultimately deemed unsuccessful, Californians shouldn’t be expected to pay taxes for an infrastructure project that will likely fail. The Bill H.R. 1251 should not pass because improving infrastructure will create a false sense of security for valley farmers. Due to the dependence on this area for agriculture, the potential failure of the dam could create floods and destroy the economy.

    There are other issues regarding the agriculture business that I believe you should become focused on passing legislation for. Farmers should be held accountable for their process of raising livestock and growing fruits and vegetables. Consumers have become removed from this process which poses a health risk because people do not know the history behind different food items. In other countries, there is legislation that forces the supermarket to provide information about the location and procedures of the farm. Despite the growing demand on farmers to produce for a larger population, farmers still have to practice sustainable and reasonable practices. Thank you for your consideration in listening to my concerns.

Contact Jim Costa

2037 West Bullard Avenue, PMB #355
Fresno, CA 93711

Phone: (559) 252- 2004

FEC ID C00391029

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